How to use Escrow Service

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How to use Escrow Service

Post by ChkNet » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:23 am

Escrow service allows you to speed up the process of the transaction and maximize the safety of users from unscrupulous actions of their partners.

Procedure for the transaction:

  • Users privately negotiate all the terms of the deal.
  • One of the participants should create a thread in the forum "Escrow". The author enters the nickname of another party to the deal when creating thread. Only participants of the deal and administrators can see the deal.
  • Detailed terms of deal, total amount of the deal and contacts of both participants are specified in a thread.
  • The second participant of the deal has to confirm the specified information.
  • Depending on terms of deal one of the participants has to send money to the BTC/LTC address in the special block (see below the first message).
  • After replenishment of the deal (see below the first message) you can begin to work.
  • From now on, the participants must independently conduct the deal, transfer and check the goods, agree on options for solving the problems that have arisen, etc.
  • Upon completion of the transaction the buyer has to press the red button (see below the first message) "Send money to another participant in the transaction".
  • After that the seller has to come into a thread and enter the Bitcoin/Litecoin address a purse on which payment will be made.

Attention! We remind you:

  • "Escrow Service" works only with Bitcoin and LItecoin.
  • Refill only on the Bitcoin purse specified in the created thread.
  • All communication with the administration of the forum is only in thread of the "Escrow" forum.
  • The forum administration never writes you the first.
  • The transferred amount of BTC/LTC to the "Escrow" wallet is converted into $ at the exchange rate of at the moment of receiving three confirmations. When the transaction is completed, $ is converted to BTC/LTC at the exchange rate of at the time of payout.